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The outpatient providers currently accepting referrals include Dr John Hubbard, Janlyn Anthony PA-C, Meredith Ragan PMHNP-BC, DNP, & Vicky Spiller PMHNP-BC, Jeff Willis, LCSW, Risa Naiksatam, LCSW. Please call our dedicated new patient line at 804-288-1942 for assistance.

Completion of an online registration packet and verbal screening will be required before scheduling. New patients are typically scheduled in under 30 days. Currently your first appointment will be done in person and then subsequent appointments are occurring via telehealth.

Both Insight offices are located in Richmond, VA
Stephanie Metzger

Stephanie Metzger


Patient Ages: School age to 17 years old

Start Date: 2018

Graduate: University of Virginia – 2009

Under Graduate: University of North Carolina at Greensboro – 1984

She believes every child has a unique story. “I learn about an individual’s story by exploring
their behavior and past experiences. I’m a keen listener and obtain a thorough history.”
She’s learned that changes in mood, perception, fears, obsessions and anxieties
often point to mental health issues. Therefore, learning about an individual’s story and these
changes are the first step in establishing a therapeutic relationship.

Stephanie received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Virginia, and
her Masters and Post-Masters Nursing degrees from Virginia Commonwealth
University. She studied nursing as an undergraduate at the University of North